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So Much Time -- So Little Peace

My Dear Friends,

During this strange time of social distancing and isolation, my usual yoga class routine is on hold, as are the activities of so many people, while others are working double and triple time to support and help the rest of us. I am grateful to those who are going far above and beyond to keep us going. And I am sending love and light to all who find themselves with the gift (and burden) of free time.

I taught my March retreat before COVID arrived in Mexico, with the 2 students who were able to come  (I will be teaching 2 retreats there again in March of 2021...and we will all need it!). While we were there and the virus was spreading in the US, I decided to share our yoga practice on Facebook Live, to help in any way I could to spread peace and calm and light during this stressful time.

I left  Mexico a month earlier than anticipated to come to the beautiful Florida Keys to quarantine with my elderly father. Since then I have added both long  and short theme-oriented videos on my YouTube channel.

For example, here's a 40 minute slow standing flow 

I am also be teaching on Facebook Live through Outermost Yoga on Thursdays at 9am

and Saturdays at 10am. Sign up ahead. There is no set fee for these classes, but you can donate if you are able. Many thanks. I am continuing to build my video library of outdoors yoga sessions. Each has a unique focus. As you will immediately see, they are not professionally produced but I sincerely hope you can enjoy the energy that is behind each of them.

Subscribe to Beth Goldstein/Beach Yoga and Beyond on YouTube and please share with your friends.

If you're enjoying these classes and would like to help with a very much appreciated donation, you can do so on Venmo or PayPal. My Venmo is beth-goldstein-16. My PayPal is

....Stay safe and protected, healthy, strong, and connected to your heart and your loved ones.. Keep breathing and remember what and who you are grateful for!

With so much love, Beth p.s. This from one of my favorite songs by David Ramirez, from my heart to yours, and my wish for you! 

 I wish upon you peace I wish upon you grace I wish for less of what you want And more of what you need I wish upon you an old life With a heart that stays young But most of all I wish upon you love I wish upon you truth When all you feel is doubt I hope you know that an open mind Still knows when to shut things out I wish upon you a brave heart That will always rise above But most of all I wish upon you love As the sun sets the moon begins to rise So even in the darkness you'll find the light You'll find the light You'll find the light Yes, even in the darkness you'll find the light

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