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Meditation Series... Part 5, The Fire

Hello my friends, this is the 5th in my meditation in the element series, paired with a short yoga sequence.

Today we are focusing on the element of FIRE, the 3rd chakra at, around, and through the solar plexus, just below your breastbone.

Physiologically this element embodies the liver and gall b ladder.

Emotionally it relates to anger & resentment...and forgiveness.

Energetically it is about action, purpose, direction, strength, vitality, energy, will-power, self-esteem, to hold and shine your light.

Here is a short yoga fire session

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Fire words to inspire from the song, Everything by Heidi Talbot

We are fire, we are friction We are the light falling down from the stars We are truth and we are fiction We are everything We are moving, we are motion We are the sap rising in the trees We are the waves at the edge of the ocean We are everything

Love and Blessings, Strength, Protection, and Light, Beth

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