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Beth Goldstein
Yoga Instructor, MA, RPP, RPE

Teaching is my passion... and my gift.


My workshops are both intense and soul-searching, light and fun! I have been teaching retreats and workshops in mind/body awareness for 25 years both in the US and internationally. I keep things light while going deep. Take a class or a workshop and learn tools for coming into alignment and balance with your body, your mind, your heart, and your soul's path!

I have a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology, I am certified as a teacher in both Polarity Therapy and Yoga, I founded the Polarity Barn Retreat Center in Charlottesville VA, and I was a co-leader of Spirit School of the Intuitive Arts ( SSIA)with Christen McCormack for 7 years. Out of all this I have developed a unique and dynamic group and individual process for exploring, aligning, and healing. One of my students said ,"My experience with Beth exceeded all of my expectations, she has an intuitive, caring nature that makes you feel as if you can conquer the world.  I continually refer back to my time at Xinalani and envision Beth's guiding voice, it was a life changing experience that I will never forget." 

Beth lives and works in Provincetown, MA

About the Work

On Polarity

Polarity Therapy is the science of stimulating and balancing the body's life energy. When this balancing occurs, there is a harmonizing effect on the body, heart, and mind. This naturally leads to a greater sense of well-being and wholeness. At the heart of this work are the five elements and their corresponding chakras, Earth, at the base of the spine, Water, around the pelvis, Fire, at the solar plexus, Air, at the heart, and Ether, at the throat. As an energy system, polarity incorporates bodywork, yoga, lifestyle coaching, and body/mind awareness to create and promote healthy living.

I offer a series of transformative workshops which draw from the elements of nature and their corresponding chakras. Most of my retreats are based in the science and art of Polarity Therapy, integrative yoga flow, and a dynamic whole body approach to healing. Yoga postures, guided meditation, hands-on-healing inspire personal shifts that are always remarkable and keep me passionate and excited about this work.


We bring awareness to the patterns that no longer serve us, look at how those patterns have manifested in our bodies and thoughts, honor how they have served, learn to create a new paradigm, and move forward with intention. We learn tools for creating, expanding, and integrating our heart’s desires into our daily lives.


I teach what feeds my soul and bring passion and humor into all of my classes. I hope that any course that you take from me brings you an appreciation of your gifts and support on your chosen path. Come prepared to explore, learn, laugh, and have fun!

On Creating and Living with Intention

Creating intention requires that you go into your heart and ask yourself what the next step is on your heart's/soul's path. What is your heart's desire at this time in your life? What are you ready to embrace…what has held you back from achieving this…where do you hold this belief/pattern in your body…what will propel you forward…and (most importantly), how will having this make you FEEL? Focus, feeling, and action create intention.

Listen to this centering vision-work audio

Grounding Meditation

  • Expanding lungs –  breath

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