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Meditation Series... Part 4, The Heart

Welcome to Meditation #4, my friends. We are now at the Heart of the matter. Air: our hearts, our thoughts, our breath, our lungs.

The 'center stage', the center of all the chakras, the home of our souls. The heart feels every feeling; love, grief, joy, sorrow. Air, when balanced, flows and moves...into love, compassion, acceptance, kindness, and empathy. 

We are all one heart.

Here is a meditation for your Heart. The element of Air.

And a yoga session to do beforehand for heart, shoulder and chest openers:.

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And this from Love Song by Elton John

The words I have to say May well be simple but they're true Until you give your love There's nothing more that we can do Love is the opening door Love is what we came here for No one could offer you more Do you know what I mean Have your eyes really seen You say it's very hard To leave behind the life we knew But there's no other way And now it's really up to you Love is the key we must turn Truth is the flame we must burn Freedom the lesson we must learn Do you know what I mean Have your eyes really seen Meditate, Move, Breathe, Be.  With love always,Beth

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