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Meditation Series... Part 6, The Water

Hello again my friends, today we will focus on our relationship to the element of Water, the 2nd chakra, the belly and entire pelvic region of the body.

We are water and water is all around us.

On a Physical level, water  is our abdomen, our hips, our sexual organs.

Emotionally it relates to feelings of guilt...and of letting go or re-birth. 

Energetically, since this is where we are created and born, it is where inspirations, emotions, and dreams are created and birthed.

Water is about cleansing, fluidity, boundaries, nourishing, nurturing, motherhood, flow, purification, and transformation.

Here is a water-centered yoga practice for your hips and abdomen

And a water-centered meditation next to the ocean!

You can browse, share, and subscribe to my yoga YouTube Channel for more yoga and meditations.

And as always, a few words to inspire. This from Cathie Ryan's Be Like the Sea

It matters nothing what they did to you The storm is over, the wreckage through Leave them in your wake, no more for you to take Be like the sea If it hurts your heart, cast it up on the shore Let it go forever, ceart go leor Wash away the sorrow, the tears of no tomorrow Be like the sea

The sea, the sea, dive with me We'll lose these rags we're wearing and be Like the sea, the sea, wild and free We'll swim out past the longing so deep

Down below these waves in the deepest depth There are echoes sounding true as your breath The still, small voice in you, the endless open blue Be like the sea

Go on forever, shine out in the sun The full a tá sé everyone Dance yourself around, give up the small ground Be like the sea

Be like the sea, my friends. Flow, Float, Cleanse, Transform!

Love and light, Beth

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