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Radical Compassion in Challenging Times - Tara Brach

In my last post I promised to share words from some whose wisdom and guidance continue to inspire me. This is the first in a series of pieces that have resonated deeply with me. I hope you find them helpful, too.

Tara Brach generously offers many free heart centered meditations, teachings, and writings at

In her "Radical Compassion in Challenging Times", Tara reminds us that "just as there is a viral contagion, it's crucial to remember that loving presence is contagious" and to ask ourselves, "Who do we want to be in the midst of this and what kind of world do we want?"

From this article:

"At times, when things fall apart, as they are in our world right now, each of you has an essential medicine to offer. So that inquiry—Who do you want to be? And what kind of world do we want?—becomes critical. Just as there’s a viral contagion, it’s crucial to remember that loving presence is contagious. We have this opportunity to find our inner refuge and deepen our kindness and connection with others.

In many different ways, we’ve all been training for this, to hold this living dying world in our hearts and to respond with compassion and love."

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