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Patience and Trust - Sara Wiseman

Next in my series of Inspirations for these difficult times, Sara Wiseman, a visionary teacher of spiritual intuition and a renowned channel of spiritual teachings. She writes the Daily Divine blog, hosts the popular Spiritual Psychic podcast, is the creator of Divine Oracle, and the author of several books.

This from Sara's May monthly forecast, be patient and trust:

"This is a grand reset, and you are invited to look at how you live: what you eat, what you spend your time doing, what you spend your time thinking about. This is the time to sift and sort through all that has been karmic: the unhealed relationships to others and to yourself, what you have not done but have longed to do, what your calling is and why you have not answered it, all the ways fear, fear, fear pushes you down from living as your true self".


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