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Meditation Series... Part 2, The Third Eye

Dear Friends,

This is my second meditation in the elements series, focusing on the 3rd Eye, on light, on imagination, clarity, seeing from our 'mind's eye' with our eyes gently closed and the vision and insight we are able to access.

Here is Meditation #2 The Third Eye.

Why meditate?

Meditation reminds us to breathe, to be present but not attached to our thoughts and feelings, to take the time to calm the mind so that we can "see" with clarity what is truly before us. So close your eyes and imagine what's possible, how it makes you feel and expand both your imagining and your feeling so it fills all of you...your mind, your heart, and every cell of your being.

If you'd like to pair this with a yoga practice first, I would suggest this 5 Breath Flow

To see the entire video library, please subscribe here.

And this, from the song, Wash My Eyes, by Greg Brown

Wash my eyes that I may see Yellow return to the willow tree Open my ears that I may hear The river running swift and clear And please Wash my eyes And please Open my ears Wash this world that is one place And wears a mad and fearful face Let the cruel raging cease Let these children sleep in peace And please Wash this world And please Let these children Sleep in peace

Enjoy, with Love, always, Beth

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