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Insights from Christen McCormack

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

My friend, mentor, teacher, and former business partner, Christen McCormack,  is a gifted intuitive and teacher. I was honored to co-teach workshops and retreats with her for 10 yrs in our program, Spirit School of the Intuitive Arts, at my retreat center in Charlottesville, VA.  I feel blessed beyond words for the healing, insights, connection, and growth we all received.

Christen offers readings and courses and has also received transmissions from Mother Mary. No matter what your beliefs are, these insights are powerful, loving, and true and I urge you to read, receive, and pass on the love! Here is her latest Mary channeling regarding where we are, how we can change shift, learn, and open to a new inclusive and loving paradigm. Following is an excerpt from this link. Enjoy.

With love and blessings, always! Beth

"The presence of love in your life will allow your own stress levels to go down. This helps you and the Earth immensely. If you have put productivity over the enjoyment of life, I entreat you to approach your daily living differently. If your days don’t contain joy and fulfillment, I urge you to love yourself enough to make the necessary adjustments to provide those for yourself. This beautiful world that you live in was created to bring you joy. It was not meant to be a place of toil and trouble. Money is meant to be a tool, a resource, not a symbol of power. Those without it are no less worthy. All are meant to be lifted up by money, it is meant to be shared. 

You live in an abundant Universe. There is enough for everyone. No one should ever go hungry again. It cannot be tolerated. If you think that life is meant to be a struggle, that life on Earth is hard, know that love is your way out of this. When you open your hearts to give and receive love a whole new world will emerge."

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