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Happy New Year and New Decade!

This year I've committed to beginning each day to check in, to breathe, to ask for guidance, for clarity. I do this before getting out of bed, before reaching for my phone, sometimes while petting my cat. I check in, set an intention, create a new habit.

I believe a daily practice of 5 minutes/ day dedicated to self-care is more powerful than an hour class/ week....Consider reaching for your internal devise in the morning before you reach for your phone or coffee breathe, pray, set an intention, listen to a meditation, stretch, do yoga, write, or draw, 5 minutes to remember what you're thankful for, 5 minutes to listen to your heart....and who knows,maybe 5 will turn into 10...or more... Enjoy connecting time connecting with yourself. I hope it brings you many pleasant surprises and insights!   Beth 

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