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We forget and remember, and we forget again

But this life is a circle, and it's coming back around

Coming back again so

Don't you carry stones

Don't you carry stones in your bowl of light.   

There have been so many silver linings for me during this wild ride we're on...I'm spending time with my Dad, doing yoga on the beach daily, surrounded by the beauty of nature. And challenges of course. Getting angry at the TV (which is why I don't have one; it would have been shattered ages ago), judging those who aren't following the 'rules' (and I need to remind myself that I have never been a rule follower!), judging others for their beliefs, craving human company and touch, feeling horrified and grieved over societal choices being us and for us..., and more...

One way I'm coping is to meditate in bed every morning before reaching for my 'device', breathing, connecting to spirit, asking to be guided, praying, or listening to a meditation or song. Here is the playlist that starts my day: New Year Inspiration, by Beth (woops, admittedly on said device).

As time allows, I'm reading articles, listening to podcasts, and watching videos that teach and inspire.

In my next few posts I will share some whose wisdom and guidance continue to inspire me. In the meantime, enjoy the music and try not to carry too many stones.

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