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A Meditation Series... Part 1, The Crown

My dear friends,

As you may know, I was in Florida from mid March to very recently to be with my Dad. One of many silver linings is that I was inspired to videotape yoga and meditation practices outside by the ocean.

Early in May I decided to do a meditation series on our relationship to the elements of nature, which is at the heart of my retreats. Each meditation has little yoga, some education, and a meditation and inspirational message for each element and its corresponding chakra.

The series can be done in any order and at any time. My goal is to bring you into an awareness of your connection with nature and to allow nature to remind you to move, to flow, to appreciate beauty, to be still, to ground, to connect, to reach for the stars!

We breathe our way down from heaven to earth, from the crown to the root, grounding our connection to spirit.

Here is the first in the series, The Crown, our connection with knowledge, light, our divinity, our source, our guidance, our true nature.

If you'd like to pair this with yoga, I would suggest beginning with this short restorative practice to soothe and calm your body and soul: Restorative Practice

I have established my own Youtube Channel with lots of videos for you to choose from. Most have a focus on physical areas of the body. They range from 10 minutes to an hour. Please share, subscribe, like, comment, and most important, enjoy!

And this from the song, Spirit I Am by Eric Bibb

I live for the spirit I am.

  What I'm here for. I wonder.

  What am I in this world to do?

  What I'm here for is one thing 

  I know is true

  I live for the spirit I am

  Looking in the mirror

  I'm asking

  Am I the change I long to see?

  You know the world is just a picture of what's inside of you and me

  I live for the spirit I am

With love always, Beth

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